Imagine the future

Imagine the future

The diversity of PWCS makes this a great place to live and work. Let's focus on some core ideas to ensure that our students receive the best education possible.

  • Student Success: We want to make sure that PWCS develops life-long learners who can leave our school system with a plan for the future whether that is entering the work force, college, military service, or creating their own business. This is accomplished by supporting our students and families throughout their entire educational experience. 

  • Safety and security: PWCS is continually looking at building upgrades and safety procedures for all our buildings. Last year, the school board added 12 social workers and 3 more guidance counselors to the county. With the passing of the Governor's budget, Virginia will begin funding more counseling positions so that we are more aligned with the recommended ratios of staff to students. With all these added measures, I intend to help schools bolster their community-building through partnerships with public and private organizations that support student safety and social/emotional needs. 

  • Manageable class size: PWCS still has some of the largest class sizes in our area. Reducing class size addresses a number of issues such as meeting student academic and social/emotional needs, reducing teacher work load, students will have more equitable access to resources, and teachers can better differentiate lessons for optimal learning.

  • Teacher recruitment and retention: There are many factors as to why teachers might leave the profession. We need to address work load, school climate, and teacher pay to make sure we are keeping your favorite teacher. PWCS has the Growing Our Own program and we should be partnering with local colleges and universities to be able to offer future teachers opportunities to work in our schools as they also work toward their licenses. 

  • Green Initiatives: Our school division already institutes policies to help with our energy conservation and consumption. I'd like to see the school division add solar or wind generated energy at our school sites. Neighboring school divisions are already making partnerships with solar companies and I'd like to see PWCS do the same. 

What truly matters is how PWCS impacts your child's life. Your ideas and voice are important. What things do you want for your children? If you are a graduate, do you feel prepared for your future? What else might the schools have done to help you?