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Cydny Neville

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Zargarpur as a community advocate, and have had the pleasure of fighting alongside her, advocating for issues in Education through the Virginia Education Association. As a teacher, I can tell you that Lisa's innovative solutions to issues in Education is exactly what Prince William County Schools need on the Board! Lisa will be a strong advocate for: alternative energy sources for Prince William County Schools, effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention, as well as school safety - which is an increasing concern for public schools. I'm happy to endorse her to represent the Coles District on the Board and encourage citizens of Coles to support her on November 5th!



With 100,000+ members, CASA in Action is the Mid-Atlantic region's largest immigrant rights organization fighting for political power and social justice.


Delegate Hala Ayala

"I've known Lisa Zargarpur for several years. She is a passionate advocate, parent, and teacher who believes that every child should have a quality education. I know she will fight for every child in Prince William County to have access to the resources they need to succeed. That is why I am happy and proud to endorse Lisa Zargarpur for the Coles School Board seat." 


Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

Endorsement of Lisa Zargarpur

for Prince William County School Board

“I am excited to endorse Lisa Zargarpur for Prince William County School Board this November in 2019. Lisa has been a strong advocate for schools in our community, both as mother to her three children and as a teacher. Like many, Lisa knows the struggles and needs from many Coles residents, and will fight for better educational opportunities for our children and working families on the School Board. We need more hardworking moms and teachers giving voice to the voiceless in our community, and someone who can work with our Supervisors and Representatives to address their concerns. I look forward to working with Lisa, and urge all voters in her district to support her on November 5.” 

Rick Smith

“Great turnout at our event for Amy Ashworth our next Commonwealth's Attorney. A special thank you to two other candidates for their support: Raheel Sheikh for Coles District Supervisor and Lisa Zargarpur for Coles District School Board Member. I wholeheartedly endorse them.” Rick Smith


Al Alborn

After careful consideration, I would like to endorse Lisa Zargarpur to be the Coles District Representative on The Prince William County School Board. While I cold go into her specific qualifications, the best way to summarize my choice is her passion for our School System, and our Community.

Ms. Zargarpur understands Prince William County schools. She is a product of Prince William County Schools. Her three daughters also attended County Schools. As a teacher, her understanding of issues faced in the classroom is based on experience rather than theory.

Ms. Zargarpur’s teaching credentials make her particularly sensitive to issues surrounding compensation, qualification, training, and retention of teachers in our school system “up close and personal.” Put another way, she “walks the walk” then these topics come before the board.

I am supporting Lisa Zargarpur because I believe she will represent “all of us”, understands the issues we care about, and brings a resume to the table that demonstrates the experience necessary to move Prince William County forward.


Kenny Boddye, candidate for Occoquan District Supervisor

Lisa is the perfect School Board Candidate - not only because she has deep ties to the community, can find productive conversation with just about anyone, and has the work ethic to campaign - but because she has both the qualifications and lived experience to take our school board to the next level.

As a teacher with experience in both our school division and Fairfax's, Lisa has a broad perspective on what works and what doesn't. She knows the kinds of challenges that can be solved with funding, and ones that must be addressed on a systemic level. She also knows firsthand the thankless job our countless educators do on a daily basis to be the stewards of our future.

As an intersectional activist, Lisa knows that equity issues matter. We have some of the oldest schools in Virginia in Prince William County, and our rapid growth has also led to us having some of the newest. These disparities are most pronounced in areas where the majority population is made up of people of color, immigrant communities, and low income communities. Lisa has already pledged to working with the Board of Supervisors and her fellow School Board members to take an actual honest look at the inequities in our schools, and address them.

Finally, she has a heart bigger than almost anyone I know. This attribute matters for any elected official in my book, but especially for a local office like school board. She's raised children in our public school system, but understands that her daughters' experiences aren't universal ones. She's taken the time to learn the lay of the land for families with gifted children, general education children, ESL children, and the special needs community. Lisa will be a strong fighter on our school board for ALL students and educators - regardless of their walk of life - precisely because she already is in her current capacity.

In short, I whole-heartedley endorse Lisa Zargarpur for Coles School Board and strongly encourage everyone else to as well.


Network for Public Education

NPE Action gives a strong endorsement to Lisa Zargarpur for School Board, Prince William County, Coles District.

Lisa is a member of the Fairfax Education Association (VEA/NEA) and is the secretary of the Fairfax General Music Educators Association.  

She told us that her priorities are the following: a more equitable system to support all learners; closing the achievement gap with equity training, and promoting student success.

Lisa will work to bring career and tech ed into Prince William County for high school students. She would also like to see more partnerships with the local community college for dual enrollment courses. Lisa believes in reducing class size and protecting data privacy. She supports reducing student testing and opposes using student test scores on teacher evaluations. She opposes charter schools and vouchers.

For all of the above and more, we support her candidacy. Please cast your vote for Lisa Zargarpur on November 5, 2019 in the General Election.